Acidizing Chemical

High-Performance Acidizing Additives

The techniques of matrix and fracture acidizing of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs are used to stimulate production rates in oil and gas reservoirs. Our acidizing portfolios expedite and enhance hydrocarbon recovery in acidizing and fracturing operations to help clients see a maximized return on their wells.

acidizing chemical

Acidizing Additives Increase Effectiveness and Improve Profitability in a Range of Environments

SBL develops and manufactures a unique product line of fully customizable acidizing additives. Our products have been tested in the field and shown to provide each customer with the most efficient solutions for their specific well conditions. Applications include:

  • Acid Corrosion Inhibitors to protect metal equipment under highly acidic conditions
  • Acid Emulsifiers to retard the rate of reaction for deeper penetration of acid into the formation
  • Non-Emulsifiers

  • Surfactants to reduce surface tension and interfacial tension and leave the formation water-wet
  • Anti-Sludge Agents to prevent asphalt sludge and emulsions when treating with HCL acid
  • Iron Control/Sequestering Agents to prevent formation damage
  • Acid Gelling Agents to increase the viscosity of HCL acid
  • Mutual Solvents to eliminate emulsions and particle plugging
  • H2S Scavengers to reduce levels of toxic H2S

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