Description                              4,5-DICHLORO-2-n-OCTYL-ISOTHIAZOLIN-3-ONE
CAS No.                                      64359-81-5
Appearance                            Yellow to brown liquid


PROPERTIES                                                                                              TYPICAL VALUE
Total Actives (%):                                                                                          30 min
Solubility                                                                                            Soluble in water or solvents


AXCIDE DCOIT-30 is a remarkable fungicide and algaecide for marine coatings. It has
good stability with ionic surfactants and emulsifiers. It is used primarily as a dry-film
mildew protector for paint, coatings, paper, stains, plastics, wood, shoes, adhesives,
metalworking fluids and printing inks. It is easily incorporated into water-based or
solvent-based formulations; therefore it can be applied for many applications. Moreover, it
is shown excellent performance at the appropriate dosage and the ideal use levels are
between 0.3-1.0% based on the wet formulation weight.