Product Names                AXCIDE DF-C

Composition:                    Carbendazim

Appearance            White to pale grey diffusion without odour


Properties                                          Typical Value
Total Active Content, (%):                   30 min
pH @20oC                                                 7.0-9.0
Solid Content, %                                    35.0-37.0
Particle                                                      < 40 um
Solubility                                            Soluble in water and soluble slightly in most organic solvents


AXCIDE DF-C is a remarkable germicide for dry film, wood, textile, plastic, leather and paper. It is
effectively to prevent the growth of fungi and moulds on the coating surface and material surface.
AXCIDE DF-C can be added at any stages of production. To ensure complete dispersing, it needs to
stir completely before adding into the process. It is well incorporate with formaldehyde or
microorganism sensitive products. It has shown excellent performance and the advantage of this
product is a low toxicity germicide.