Product Names                  AXCIDE DF

Composition:                      2-octyl-4-isothiazolin, Carbendazim,and urea derivative

Appearance              Off-white diffusion with slight odour


Properties                                        Typical Value
Total Active Content (%):                40 min
pH @20oC                                              4.5-8.0
Specific [email protected] oC, g/cm3     1.0-1.250
Particle size                                            < 35 um
Insoluble in ketone,%                        17.5-20.0


AXCIDE DF is specially formulated as dry film germicide regardless it is used for interior or
exterior applications. It is effectively to control and prevent the growth of fungi and algae on the coating
surface. Moreover, it can sterilize a wide range of microorganisms and suitable using in the formulation
without volatile compounds. The ideal recommended use levels are 0.25-2.0%. AXCIDE DF can be added
at any stages of production. To ensure complete dispersing, it needs to stir completely before adding into
the process.