Axcide OPP- TG


Chemical Name                             2-Phenylphenol, Hydroxdiphenyl
Chemical Formula                       C6H5C6H4OH
Molecular Weight                          170.21
Appearance                                    White flakes or powder


OPP-TG is biocide used in combination with other chemicals in the formulation of preservatives,
germicide, fungicide, rubber chemicals and dyes.


Properties                                     Typical Value
Purity (%):                                         99.0 min
Melting point (oC)                         56 – 59 C
Moisture (%) :                               0.1 max


It is a biocide, insoluble in water and of low toxicity. It can be used to control the growth of
microorganisms in leather tanning, adhesives and metal working fluids. It is not soluble in water, but
soluble in glycols and alcohols.