TCMTB 60WE is a TCMTB based fungicide. It is a 60% water dispersible solution of 2- (thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole. It is highly effective against mould fungi, thermophilic moulds, rot and blue sap stain. It is non-lachrymatory and it can safely be applied using spray application after dilution.

Product Description:     Active ingredient is 2-(Thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole 


Properties                                                        Typical Value
Appearance :                                                    Dark amber viscous liquid
Assay, % (as active ingredient) :                       60% min
pH                                                                               5.0-7.0
Specific Gravity @20oC :                                  1.24 – 1.30 kg/L

Store the product between 15-40ºC to prevent crystallizing or decomposition. If it has crystallized, heat it slowly in a steam bath. Do not exceed 65 ºC. 


TCMTB 60WE has been used in dilute forms for the preservation of leather (Wet Blues and Wet Whites),
paint formulations, seeds, water treatment and timber preservation. For use in the leather industry, add
the product at a rate 0.05-0.08% based on upon the limed weight of the hide. Dilute the product to 1:20
before the addition to the tanning drum in order to promote dispersion. We recommend a split of 80:20
ratios between the Pickle and final wash..