Cementing Chemical

Customized Cementing Additives to Enhance Your Mix

Maintaining high standards during the well cementing process is a vital step in protecting the quality of well production. For decades, oilfield service companies have counted on SBL’s expertise in developing a wide range of cementing additives that provide a competitive advantage and flawless results in their cementing process.

cementing chemical

Extensive Cementing Product Line

SBL’s large host of high-quality liquid and powder additives can be used to modify slurry properties such that each service company can design its own unique slurries for every individual well. In order to provide clients with optimized cementing processes, we provide the following products:

  • Cement Fluid Loss Control Additives
  • Anti-Settling Agents
  • Expanding Additives
  • Cement Spacers
  • Chemical Washes
  • Cement Retarders
  • Cement Dispersants
  • Cement Defoamers

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