Check Valves are also known as one-way valves that allow the flow of the fluid in only one direction. Here at SBL we supply our best line of Check Valves in a variety of designs such as swing check, lift check, ball check, dual plate check, and single plate check. Our selected designs ensure our valves are easy to maintain, economical, and fully functional in horizontal and upward flow applications. SBL Check Valves are automatic and do not require any external control. This unique characteristic makes the Check Valve one of the most commonly used valves in many different industries.

  • ASME 16.34, API 607, API 602, API 6D
  • Swing Check, Lift Check, Wafer Dual Plate
  • Pressure Class 150 ~ 2500
  • NPS ½” ~ 48”
  • RF, RTJ, BW, NPT, SW, Lug, & Wafer Ends
  • Renewable Seat, Welded Seat, Integral Seat
  • Bolted, Welded, Pressure Seal Cover

Other designs include: cryogenic, silent check, and ball check valve.