Copolymer 400


Copolymer 400 can be used as de-scaler and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system
and oilfield refill water system. It has good dispersion property for scale of calcium carbonate and calcium
phosphate in circulating cool water system. Moreover it has good scale inhibition for barium sulphate,
strontium sulphate and silica scale. The advantages of copolymer 400 are strong chlorine tolerance,
stable to chemical and can apply into wide range of water quality.


Product Name                       Copolymer 400
Chemical Name                    Phosphonic group into carboxylic group
Appearance                           Amber transparent liquid


Properties                                        Typical Value
Solid Content, %                                 48 — 52
pH , (1% solution )                              3.0 ±1.0
Density, g/cm3 at 20 oC                    1.15 – 1.35
Total phosphate (as PO43-), %          0.5 min


Copolymer 400 can be used as scale control inhibitor and the optimal dosage is 5-20mg/L. It can
be used together with the other organo phosphines, copolymers, zinc salt or BTA, to control scale.