AXCIDE Glutaraldehyde NM45


Chemical Name                                              Modified Glutaraldehyde
Appearance                                                      Clear, yellowish liquid


PROPERTIES                                                                                              TYPICAL VALUE
 Content of Glutaraldehyde (%):                                                              45 min
pH @25oC                                                                                                         6.0-8.0
Specific Gravity, g/ml @20oC                                                                 1.110-1.118
Solubility                                                                                                     Water soluble.



Glutaraldehyde NM45 is specially formulated for leather industries and it is free from
formaldehyde. It is a liquid intermediate, suitable for leather tanning. It is effectively to increase
dye absorbability, smoothen leather surface, brighten leather colour, durable for washing, and
increase strength of leather. It can use in acidic, neutral or alkaline conditions, the ideal
chemical concentration is 2-5% and the pH range can be 4-5 or 7-8, but the ideal pH is 7.0. The
ideal concentration of chemical dosages will depend on different types of leather, which have
shown in the following table.