Mud drilling chemical

Drilling Mud Lubricants

These Extreme Pressure lubricants are the special type of additives when mixed in drilling fluids imparts lubricating properties into metal & metal to borehole contacts under extreme pressure conditions. These are specially used in directional & crooked holes, deeper holes and packed hole where frictional forces tend to be relatively high to reduce the loss of mechanical power.

drilling mud chemical

   SBL offers the following products:

  •   Sodium Bi-Carbonate TDS
  •   Soda Ash TDS
  •   Salt
  •   Quick Lime TDS
  •   Hydrated Lime TDS
  •   Hematite TDS
  •   Gilsonite TDS
  •   Caustic Soda
  •   Calcium Carbonate TDS
  •   CACI2 TDS
  •   Bentonite TDS
  •   Barite TDS

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