NOBLAZE WLP is specially formulated as flame retardant for wool. It shows outstanding flame
resistant performance and durable for washing. After flame retardant treatment, the character of wool will
be maintained and softer.


PARAMETERS                                 LIMITS
Appearance                                    White Powder
Active Content, %                             98 min
Solubility                                      Solute in hot water.

PRODUCT NAME                                  NOBLAZE WLP
CHEMICAL NAME                              Mixture of Potassium Hexafluorotitanate and Potassium Fluozirconate salts.


Flame Retardant Treatment Guidance:

Quantity Chemical                                                   3 -7%
Ratio: (NOBLAZE WLP:Water)                            1 : 20
pH Value                                                                   ≤ 3 (adjust with Formic Acid)
Temperature                                                          80 – 100 °C
Process Time                                                   30-40 minutes

1)Flame retardant solution can be prepared based on the total weight of wool. The optimal
used chemical level is 3-7% of total weight of wool. (30-70gram flame retardant chemical
per 1 kg wool).

2)Flame retardant chemical solution can be diluted with water at ratio: 1:20 (NOBLAZE WLP:
Water) in container. The pH of chemical has to adjust with formic acid until the pH ≤3.

3)Soak the wool into chemical solution for 30-40 minutes and go into oven chamber for drying
at 110°C for 1-2 minutes. Later go to baking process at 130-150°C for 1-2 minutes.

4)After flame retardant treatment, wash the wool with cool water until it reaches to neutral pH
and dry it. With all these procedures, flame retardant treatment is completed.


1)No any pre-treatment is required.

2)After flame retardant treatment, wool cannot neutralize by alkaline solution and it must be
wash with cold water.

3)Sulfate and Phosphate salts can not be used in the flame retardant treatment; it will affect
performance of flame-resistant.