Chemical Name         High Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose
CAS No.                    9004-32-4


PROPERTIES                                         TYPICAL VALUE
Moisture, %                                                    8 max
Purity (as PAC),%                                          70.0 min
Degree of substitution (dry basis)          0.85 min
Fresh water at 2.5ppb:
Plastic Viscosity,CPS                                        15 min
Yield Point, sq ft                                           30/100 min
Saturated salt water at 2.5ppb:
Plastic Viscosity,CPS                                        20 min
Yield Point                                                      35/100 min
Filter Loss,ml                                                    12.5 max


PAC-HV is highly water soluble and can be used as thickener, binder, stabilizer, protective colloid, suspending
aid and water retention agent. It is a good mud slurry treatment agent for oil well-drilling and can be used for the
fresh water, seawater or saturated brine well-completion liquids. It has excellent heat stability, and is able to
function as thickener under the temperature of 150℃.