SEQUESTON 1412 is a powerful boiler descaler and sludge remover. It is effectively to remove scales,
which formed from carbonate salts, sulphate salts, silica deposits and iron deposits. It is safely to use in
all types of heating system. For boiler descaling treatment, the optimal chemical use levels are 0.05-0.1kg
in 1 tonne of water and operate the boiler as normal, in between the number of times of discharge boiler
water must be increased. The same method needs to repeat for a few times until all the scales are
completely removed from the boiler. For preventing scale forming, the ideal chemical use levels are 0.01-
0.15kg per 1 tonne of water and operate the boiler as normal.


PROPERTIES                                                                                              Typical Value
Appearance                                                                                          Pale Yellow Liquid
Solid Content , %                                                                                       20 min
Density @ 20°C, g/cm3                                                                           1.10-1.20