Sequeston 4000 AK


SEQUESTON 4000 AK is a remarkable chelating agent with performance of chelating multi
valence metallic ion, which’s free of phosphorous and nitrogen. It is a biodegradable polymer and it has
been characterized as environmental friendly water treatment chemical because it neither has nitrogen
nor phosphorus present in its molecular structure. SEQUESTON 4000 AK is specially formulated for
cooling water treatment. It is effectively to lower alkalinity and water hardness even in chlorine conditions
because it is well compatible with chlorine. It is used as both corrosion and scale inhibitors in many
cooling water treatment systems and in industrial process water systems.

Chemical Name
        Sodium of Polyeposysuecinic Acid
APPEARANCE.                  Colourless to light amber clear liquid


PROPERTIES                                         TYPICAL VALUE
Total Active Content, %                       40 min
pH, ( 1% solution)                               9.0-12.0
Specific Gravity, g/cm                        31.30-1.37
Viscosity (30 deg C), dl/g                 0.009-0.039
Solid Content, %                                 38 max