Sequeston 5000


SEQUESTON 5000 is an excellent scale inhibitor in industrial water system, paper maker, cooling
water system, oil production applications etc. It can inhibit scale build-up on surfaces by dispersing
calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate and other salts in water system. Sequeston 5000
shows excellent freeze-thaw stability, moreover it can perform well in a wide range of pH, water hardness
and temperature conditions.

Chemical Name
        Mixture of polyacrylic acid compounds


PROPERTIES                                         TYPICAL VALUE
Appearance                                       Light amber liquid
Solid Content,%                                   46.0 – 50.0
pH, ( 1% solution)                                 3.1- 4.1
Density, g/cm3                                     1.22 ±0.02


The optimal dosage is 10-30mg/L.