SEQUESTON 6000 is an excellent scale inhibitor to prevent the formation of calcium phosphate,
calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals. Sequeston 6000 can stabilize corrosion inhibitors such
as zinc, phosphates and phosphonates; and it is compatible with any zinc or phosphate formula.
Moreover, it can effectively to disperse inorganic micro-particles without pH influence.

Chemical Name :                                  Acrylates-organic compounds mixture


PROPERTIES                                                                                              TYPICAL VALUE
Appearance                                                                                            Light amber liquid
Solid Content,%                                                                                        42.0 – 44.0
pH, ( 1% water solution)                                                                         3.8 – 4.6
Density, g/cm3                                                                                          1.21 ±0.02


SEQUESTON 6000 can be used as scale inhibitor for cooling water and boiler water system.
The optimal chemical dosage is 10-30mg/L. When using with other chemicals’ formula, the
dosage should be determined by experiment.