Sequeston 7000


SEQUESTON 7000 is specially formulated as a scale inhibitor for boiler and cooling water
system. It has a good inhibition for dry or hydrated iron oxide and other scales. In boiler system, it helps to
prevent scale formation on surface for maximum heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Moreover,
Sequeston 7000 shows thermally and chemically stable; it can perform well over a board range of
temperature, pressure and pH. It can be used as a stabilizer for corrosion inhibitors e.g. phosphates and
phosphonates salts

Chemical Name
        Carboxylate-organic compounds mixture


PROPERTIES                                         TYPICAL VALUE
Appearance                                      Light amber liquid
Solid Content,%                                    42.5 – 44.5
pH, ( 1% water solution)                     2.0 – 2.7
Density, g/cm3                                   1.20 ±0.02


SEQUESTON 7000 can be used as scale inhibitor for boiler and cooling water system.
The optimal chemical dosage is 10-30mg/L. When using with other chemicals, the dosage
should be determined by experiment.