Sequeston RO 3000


SEQUESTON RO 3000 is mainly used for reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system. It is effectively
to prevent scale formation and used as anti-choking agent in high salt water and drinking water.

Product Benefits:
1. High scale inhibition ability.
2. Lower scale deposition and reduce number of frequency of RO pipeline cleaning.
3. Suitable for all RO pipeline types.
4. Effective in insulating iron from membrane system.
5. Reduce operating costs for maintaining RO system.
6. It can be used as pH adjuster to increase pH of water.


PROPERTIES                                         TYPICAL VALUE
Appearance                            Light yellow clear liquid
pH (1% water solution)                   9.50 – 11.50
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3                1.15 ±0.30
Solubility                                Mix well in any ratio


The optimal chemical dosage is 1-4mg/L; it can be diluted by RO water or deionised water. It must be added
before adding static mixer or installing of cylindrical filter/ cartridge filter housing.