Stimulation chemical

Superior Additives Improve the Fracturing Process

SBL designs and produces excellent, cost-effective well stimulation chemicals for use in fluid systems for hydraulic fracturing, stimulation, and coiled tubing.

stimulation chemical

    Stimulation chemical Offerings

 We develop and manufacture effective, economical, and readily available chemicals for the following segments:

  • Corrosion Inhibitors to protect metal components in the wellbore or coiled tubing
  • Gelling Agents to provides rapid viscosity development
  • Cross-Linkers to increase the apparent viscosity of a gelled fluid
  • Clay Control to help ensure outstanding retention of formation permeability
  • Iron Control Agents
  • Foaming Agents to reduce fluid loss, and create stable foams
  • Biocides to prevent bacterial growth in drilling muds; completion and fracturing fluids
  • Non-emulsifiers
  • Friction Reducers to reduce friction pressures in all types of fluids
  • Surfactants to reduce surface and interfacial tensions, leaving the formation water-wet
  • Breakers to break hydrocarbon gels and prevent gel re-healing as temperature decreases


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