Protect Casing, Tubing, and Downhole Tools with CORXMI Products

All acids are corrosive to steel, including your tubing, casing, downhole tools, and more. As the temperature in the wellbore increases, the corrosion rate also increases, sometimes dramatically, depending on the acid strength and system used in the application. For this reason, protecting against acid corrosion is a growing challenge among operators. A host of environmental and operational circumstances and formation traits contribute to acidizing. The acid corrosion inhibitors offered by Stabilityline are the product of extensive research and years of development, specially formulated to meet the rigorous demands of operators and environmental agencies.

Target Corrosion Challenges under Difficult Conditions

Mitigating acid corrosion requires effective corrosion inhibitors. You need corrosion inhibitors that can protect a range of steels (including low carbon alloy steels and high chrome steels) as they encounter both high reservoir temperatures and high acid concentrations.

Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors seek to deliver successful acid treatments—including matrix acidizing and acid fracturing—that are effective for diverse metal types and across a variety of circumstances:

  • Variable Acid Concentrations
  • Adverse Conditions
  • A Range of Temperatures

Corrosive Fluid Environment Stimulations

Engineered as fluid additives, Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors comingle with oil and gas acidizing fluids and work to decrease the rate of reaction of acid upon steel. By coating the surfaces of your downhole equipment and tubulars, these corrosion inhibitors create a protective barrier on them that does not otherwise interfere with acid behavior. Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors work well in a range of temperatures with the following acid types:

  • Soil Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Acid Micelles
  • Emulsified Acid
  • And More

Benefits of Al Moghera Corrosion Inhibitors

With Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors, you can tackle the acid corrosion that impacts your casing, tubing, and downhole tools. Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors work to extend the life of your assets and to reduce failure rates, which makes for increased profits. Experience the following features of Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors:

  • High-Temperature Performance
  • Effective Across a Variety of Acid Concentrations
  • Compatible with Refinery Catalyst
  • Disperses Easily in Both Acid and Water
  • Eliminates Sulfide Scaling and Hydrogen Embrittlement

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors Offerings

  • CORXMI-250 Moderate Temperature Inhibitor
  • CORXMI-404 High Temperature Inhibitor
  • CORXMI-410 Organic Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
  • CORXMI-2104 High Temperature Inhibitor

Regions of Commercial Availability

Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors and well acidizing additives can be purchased either directly from our manufacturing plant or through one of our distributors. Location and purchase volume determine the best means of purchasing our products and the fastest and most cost-effective way to receive Stabilityline corrosion inhibitors.

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