Powerful sludge defense for improving acidizing treatments

Formation permeability can be compromised by sludge deposits. Stabilityline anti-sludge agents inhibit the formation of sludge and emulsions that can occur during acidizing operations. During these operations, certain acids such as HCI acid solutions encounter crude oils. It is when the acid reacts to the oil that dense, asphaltene sludge deposits can form. Stabilityline anti-sludge agents work to prevent sludge formation, maintain formation permeability, and promotes rapid return of the treating fluid to the wellbore.

Anti-Sludge Offerings


Stabilityline ASA-10 is a powerful anti-sludging agent that has proven effective against sludging in acidizing treatments. Composed of a blend of cationic and non-ionic surfactants. This product is highly soluble and works with a range of crude oils, performing with long-term stability in HCl and other strong mineral acids.

  • Defends against acid sludge formation
  • Demonstrates compatibility with cationic non-emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors
  • Proves to be soluble and stable in hydrochloric acid and other strong mineral acids
  • Promotes the use of higher acid concentrations (15–28%) for more effective treatments
  • Also performs as a non-emulsifier


Stabilityline ASA-50 anionic anti-sludge agent works to prevent the kind of crude oil sludge formations that contain clogging asphaltene particles and cause slow returns. Performing as an artificial colloid stabilizer, prevents the formation of sludge deposits where hydrochloric acid and crude oil meet. This effective anti-sludge agent also fosters the rapid return of treating fluid to the wellbore after acidizing and works well as a non-emulsifier.

  • Mitigates sludging tendency in oil-well stimulation fluids
  • Effective against crude oils with high sludging tendency
  • Suitable across a range of uses in acidizing stimulation fluids
  • Performs compatibly with cationic corrosion inhibitors and an array of acid-package additives
  • Soluble and stable in HCl and other strong mineral acids

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