Stabilityline EM-5 Delivers a Highly Stable, High-functioning Acid Emulsifier

Useful for improving performance while simultaneously protecting equipment, emulsified acids are consistently in demand for oil and gas reservoir stimulation.

When properly formulated to withstand pumping pressure, emulsified acids allow acids to penetrate deep into reservoirs to encourage wormhole development and boost hydrocarbon production; at the same time, these oil-continuous emulsions reduce acid contact in tubulars and acid reaction in the near wellbore during pumping and placement. Stabilityline EM-5 Acid Emulsifier is specially formulated to remain stable under pumping pressure—even when prepared as a high-acid emulsion—to provide all of the essential functions of a high-quality acid emulsifier. With EM-5, preparations of acid emulsions of up to 95 parts acid to 5 parts kerosene or diesel fuel can be made under recommended conditions and will deliver emulsions that will not break or invert during pumping; instead, the EM-5 Acid Emulsion responds to pumping pressure by initially liquefying and later reclaiming its semi-solid consistency when pressure abates. Assisted by suitable formation temperatures and acid reaction time, a properly fuel-diluted EM-5 acid emulsion gradually resolves so that it is ready to react with acid-soluble materials.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Retards the rate of reaction for deeper penetration of live acid into the formation
  • Stable oil external acid emulsifier
  • High internal phase concentrations
  • Effective in a variety of acid concentrations: 15–28% HCl
  • Product can be readily blended either at a central location or in the field


  • Acid treatments on limestone or other acid-soluble materials
  • Acid fracturing treatments
  • Poorly consolidated sandstones that deposit loose sand into the wellbore

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