For premium zonal isolation, you need to be certain that your cement and formations and casings are securely sealed. The expanding additives offered by Stabilityline effectively cause the cement to swell so that it forms a strong and fast bond to formation and casings.

Expanding Additives Offerings


Stabilityline AEA-111 is a highly effective cement expanding additive. In addition to promoting improved bonding, this cement expanding additive also works to decrease channeling across a range of cements. Specially formulated to be effective up to 270°F (132°C), AEA-111 augments the cement’s expansive properties via crystalline growth or in situ gas generation; once the cement slurry is set, fosters linear expansion for exceptional cement performance.

  • Boosts the integrity of the bond between cement, casing, and formation
  • Promotes zonal isolation for the duration of a well’s lifetime
  • Universal application
  • Compatible with a wide range of standard classes of API cement
  • Exceptionally easy to mix with no extra water needed
  • Will not impact the function of other additives or change slurry properties
  • Safe to use under normal working conditions

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