Clean & Collect
At SBL we collect all kinds of waste general, bulky, liquid, hazardous etc. Backed with an efficient team, the right technology and a specialized fleet of vehicles, we ensure that the areas we service are spick and span, At SBL; the general waste collection is synonymous with customized solutions and timely service. You will have the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of containers that best suit your requirements; moreover, you will be well informed about the progress of your projects via an intelligent service planning mechanism that responds to your needs and follows up on the execution, to make sure your project is delivered on time.
Hazardous Waste Services
Dealing with hazardous waste is a sensitive matter. We always make sure that we do our job while taking into consideration its impact on people’s livelihood. From collection to treatment and disposal, we manage your hazardous waste while meeting all the environmental and safety regulations on both national and international levels. We offer customized solutions to suit your needs while safeguarding the cleanliness and safety of your premises.
Recover & Recycle
Our main focus behind everything that we do, is the environment. That is why, once we have collected waste, we do our very best to make sure a high percentage of it is recycled and reused. Our cost-effective and sustainable methods for waste management help deliver the perfect solution to your thrown-away, plastics, metals and paper.
Compact Services
Before we send the waste to further processing or disposal, we make sure to have it compacted to the minimum size to make sure we achieve transport payload efficiency.